Hydraulic bottle jack

Hydraulic bottle jack with two plungers is one of the hydraulic jack types equipped with telescopic handle thus
significantly increasing the uplift height and carrying capacity.
Plunger of the hydraulic jack moves due to the pressure created by oil in the hydraulic drive pump.
The speed of opening of the exhaust valve influences the speed of lowering the cargo.
That is the principle of operation of the jack.
Benefits and features of hydraulic bottle jacks:
High uplift and carrying capacity;
Evenness of operation thanks to the pace of plunger;
The use of jack requires minimum effort from the user.

Benefits and features of the hydraulic bottle jack:


  1. 1. Maximum evenness of operation;
    2. Possibility to fix the cargo at the necessary height;
    3. High efficiency and carrying capacity with minimum effort from the user;
    4. Liquid in the jack does not freeze and is not flammable.


-High carrying capacity index (lifts cars and other heavy objects);
-Pace of the plunger;
-Uplift height and grip of the bottle jack.

It is recommended to learn more about the jack’s benefits and features before the purchase