Chains slings

Depending on the leg structure, there are several types of chain slings:

– Single leg;
– Double leg;
– Triple leg;
– Quadruple leg;
– Basket;
– Endless.

Composition of the chain load-carrying products is carried out by using separable and inseparable connecting elements without any electric welding.
Inseparable connecting rings can be subdivided into:

– “O” type elements for the crane suspension (for single leg and double leg chain slings);

– “O” type elements with rings (for triple leg and quadruple leg chain slings).
In accordance with regulations all elements of chain products must be of the same resistance class, and they must correspond to a certain chain calibre. Besides, the surface of elements used for composition of the sling is treated in a particular manner enabling operation of the product in adverse conditions retaining its lifting capacity:

– Acidic medium (pH<7)

– High temperature (-40°C to +200°C).
One should take it into consideration – when using products at the temperature of + 200°C – +300 °C their lifting capacity decreases by 10%, but at +300°C – +400°C – by 25%.

The main advantage of the chain products is a possibility to adjust their length retaining their lifting capacity at the same time. For adjustment of the product length and for gripping the cargo, special additional devices – grab hooks – are used.
Types of these auxiliary devices differ according to their operational tasks:

– For gripping the cargo various special hooks are used (with a loop / with a swivel / with a forked fastening / self-locking etc.);

– For adjustment of the product’s leg length, special hooks – limiters corresponding to its diameter and lifting capacity are used (located at the upper part of the chain leg), that are also used for gripping non-standard cargos.

– Except of the above hooks, there is also a universal limiting claw available for fixing the rings. Thanks to this element it is not necessary to break the leg.

In a particular chain section the rings are fastened with a cross connection slot and a locking device, and extra safety is ensured by the use of a clamping sleeve.