Concrete pipe clamps

Concrete  pipe clamp is an eccentric loading device that is meant for convenient and safe strapping of concrete rings or concrete pipes. The mechanism’s structure consists of claw-shaped clamps (hard presser foot from one side and a movable eccentric from another), that are fixed on the chain sling. The most often double leg slings are used, but at a larger load for greater stability triple leg sling is more appropriate. The latter is attached to the loading appliance/equipment. The clamp length – 1500 – 7000 mm.
Operation of the loading device is based on the activation of fixing system that switches on because of the concrete ring’s weight. It is used for lifting, transporting and installing concrete rings of limited diameter and thickness (0.4-2.2 m).
The mechanism’s lifting capacity depends on its modification and varies from 1.5 to 4.25 tons. The lifting is carried out vertically.