Synthetic slings are made of the flat polyester fabric carrier tape. This is a new type of large lifting capacity slings with considerable advantages in comparison with the metallic slings (chain, steel slings) – they are light-weight, convenient and simple to use. Besides, use of the latest products increases the staff’s work safety, and the main benefit is provision of cargo integrity.

When loading and unloading cargo with damageable surface (sawn timber, wood chipboard and products made of it, as well as items with precisely processed surface), textile slings due to their elasticity grasp the load carefully not contacting the surface of the load. Besides, the metallic slings due to their tiny cross-section cut deep in the cargo and as a result the outer look of the load is damaged. This is a major problem if using such products.
The weight of the tape slings significantly facilitates and accelerates large lifting capacity loading and unloading process if compared to metallic slings, the use of which require much more human resources and time.
Except all aspects mentioned above the use of the textile slings is less traumatic for the employees as there are no metallic needles on the surface of the products that might cut the skin.

Besides, regeneration of wounds acquired during use of metallic slings is complicated because of rust and dirt on the surface of these products, and this results in temporary incapacity for work and downtime.
Lifting capacity of the textile slings varies from 0.5 to 20 tons.